Quality content creation

AfterCredits Creations is a multimedia creation group, we produce a wide array of media such as cartoons, comics, music, books, games, and more.

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A sense of community

With AfterCredits Creations, you have a great community of content creators to work and collaborate with on any project you'd like to release under AfterCredits.

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Talented Staff

We have a great and talented staff who are a joy to be with!

Access to advice

If we feel content is not up to AfterCredits's standard, we'll help make it!

Professional, yet laid back

We like to keep it 100; we're chill, can have fun, but are serious when we need to.

Quick and efficient

We don't waste time, and will keep schedules tight so content gets out there.

Content Creation

Great series like Classic Cartooners, Straight outta Akihabara, Technicolor Sawdust, and Hijack Ashore are created by us. We also contribute to other projects, like zQuest, and Libre's projects.

How do I join?

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Ready to submit your content, or join us as a content creator? Join our discord, or email us! Also, check out our social media links!